EPD WEEK THREE///9.13.2018

Today’s class was run by a visitor, Professor Sung Jang. The focus was on filming, video editing with Premier Pro, and audio recording. We began with a review of well-made Kickstarter videos and previous videos of design student work created by Professor Jang. The class had the chance to participate in a real-life demonstration of filming one of our classmates and observe Professor Jang edit the video in real time.

“Think about filming a video as a form of prototyping”

Professor Sung Jang

A key takeaway for me was that our impressions of video are half derived from visuals and the other half are derived from audio. This means that audio needs to be recorded separately and given just as much attention as constructing and editing the visual content of a video. It’s also important to have someone else listen to your audio and give you feedback along the way, particularly if you are recording your own voice. This, along with many other reasons, is also why it helps to have a “video-making team” who can be physically supportive as well as constructively critical throughout the creation process.