EPD///Notes for Future Entrepreneurs

  1. Start thinking about your Kickstarter project early, like the very first week! You will not have that much class time to ideate or explore, so it’s best to start thinking about this as soon as possible. What’s something that you would want to back or support on Kickstarter?

  2. Look at your Quickstarter campaign as a way to learn more about a field that you think you’ll want to dive deeper into with your Kickstarter campaign, so that you can “get your feet wet” and learn more about the industry while gaining followers who may turn into backers down the road.

  3. Tell everyone you know about your project, and do it frequently! A mid-campaign Facebook post pushed my last campaign over the funding goal with friends I hadn’t talked to in years backing the project. You never know who will support your idea, so put it out there!

  4. Think about a marketing/teaser plan that includes blog and social media content. It doesn’t have to be photos of your actual prototype or product. The more interaction on social media, the more widely you’ll be able to share your project and gain followers.

  5. Set up a design-focused Instagram with a business account (which is free) so that you can see insights, such as who your posts have reached and where they’re being seen. Do this before you launch your Quickstarter!

Good luck!